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The Great Fall (and Rise) of the Training Routine!
The Great Fall (and Rise) of the Training Routine!

Let's face it, life happens. Whether it's a surprise work project, a family emergency, or just plain old burnout, sometimes our carefully crafted training routines take a tumble. It happens to all of us. The important thing is to reset and initiate 'restart' after...

Gender balance in running
Gender balance in running

While participation rates differ across age groups and event types, women now make up nearly half of all runners in the UK and a significant portion globally. The gap is narrowing, and the trend shows encouraging growth in female participation. However, it's true that...

Our Club
Our Club

Our club is a community group, we bring women of all ages, backgrounds, and fitness levels together in a social, fun environment and help them reap the benefits of increasing physical activity through jogging, walking, and running. For more info contact...

Running and your Wellbeing
Running and your Wellbeing

Just Run Frenchay – Mindfulness and running or walking In our last update we mentioned some of the benefits of running and how it can aid your wellbeing. One of these arms of wellbeing is paying attention to the present moment, you might be wondering how this can be...

It Runs in the Family
It Runs in the Family

Run leader Julie shares her running story and talks about how her participation in the
sport has inspired 3 generations of her family to take part.
“I started running when our local ladies running club started up as a bit of a joke,
really not expecting to continue for long but things changed, and I realised that I
could run. My first running event was the Frenchay 10k and the support I received
was amazing. After a few years I became a run leader and I now really enjoy helping
ladies in the group to achieve their running goals. This also helps to keep me
focused because of my commitment to the club.
My son-in-law, Andrew, followed by my daughter Kelly, then my husband Martin and
my daughter-in-law Claire all started running. Occasionally my son, Kevin will also
give it a go! My 4 grandchildren, Olivia, Oscar, Dillan and Darcey have all completed
junior park runs, so the running bug has really had an impact on my family. My best
achievement was running the London Marathon in 2017. As you can see from the
photo, my family all travelled to support me, and some got inspired to run it as well –
Martin ran it in 2018, Andrew 2019 and Kelly 2021. So, running really has had a
positive effect on my family with 3 generations sometimes taking part in organized
running sessions held by Just Run Frenchay.
I think it is always good to have something to aim for and my next event will be the
Brighton Marathon in April next year. I really must thank Jess of Just Run for all her
hard work and commitment to running the club. Without her I probably would never
have started running. The running club is very supportive across run leaders and
runners. We aren’t super competitive (although some might be secretively!) so if you
are out there and looking for motivation to start or take up running again, come along
and join in, you never know who may be inspired to follow in your footsteps!”