Why do we race?

Participating in a race offers a range of benefits that go beyond just the physical activity itself.

There are definite physical advantages that come with racing. Having a structured plan helps to keep us focused and gives us a routine to our training. This ultimately increases cardiovascular health, Strengthens muscles and boosts overall endurance. The release of endorphins is also key in lifting mood and combating stress and anxiety.

There are also significant psychological benefits that positively impact our mental and emotional well being.
Finishing a race, regardless of your position, is a significant achievement that brings a surge of satisfaction and pride, and is a boost to self confidence and self belief. completing a goal is incredibly empowering and motivates us to consider future challenges. Putting ourselves outside our comfort zone by default helps us to discover our true potential and also helps us develop as individuals.

Training and completing a race is also good for our Motivation and Discipline. Sticking to a training regime requires consistency, dedication and resilience; skills that spill over into other areas of our lives.

Races bring people together who share a common interest in fitness and activity and build social connection. You can meet new people and build a supportive network. Training buddies or participating with friends adds a social element and makes the journey more enjoyable.

Taking part in organised events are also fantastic opportunities to raise money for charities and contribute to helping the wider community. This creates a sense of purpose and adds meaning to a personal goal.

So, whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a complete beginner, there are many reasons to consider taking part in a race. It can be a transformative experience that benefits your physical and mental health, motivation, and social life.

@JustRun took part in a local 10k at the weekend. It was such a positive experience and ticked all of the boxes above. The race itself was incredibly well organised and all of the proceeds went to charity. The spectators and volunteers were fantastic and the sun shone down on us! Whats not to love?


What is tapering and why is it so important before a race?

What is tapering and why is it so important before a race?

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Frenchay 10k – Community Running

Frenchay 10k – Community Running

On 14th April members of Just Run Frenchay participated in the Frenchay 10k race. It is not an easy route as it has plenty of infamous local hills, elements of cross country and frequently coincides with the hottest day of the current year. The number of very...