Join our community of local women in Bristol who share a passion for running and a love for friendship. Whether you’re taking your first step towards fitness or you’re a seasoned marathoner, JustRun Bristol is the place for you. Our welcoming atmosphere and diverse groups cater to runners of all levels. Beyond physical fitness, we’re all about nurturing your mental well-being through the joy of running.

Get Started Today: Explore our running groups, learn about our mission, and discover how running can positively impact your life!


Our walk and talk sessions are held three times a year to highlight the importance of good mental health!


Want to lose weight, get healthier and happier? Give this session a go! This group focuses on walking with short intervals of jogging.


Our JustJog Couch to 5k courses take place three times per year. January, April and September. A nine week programme catering for complete beginners.


Running in a group is good for fitness and wellbeing! We separate out all abilities so that you can run at your own pace and enjoy your running!


The Couch to 5K Course was a life-changing experience! As a beginner runner, I was hesitant, but the structured training plan and gradual progression made it achievable. Each week, the Course pushed me to improve my fitness, while allowing me to track my progress. The support from the group and run leaders was invaluable, keeping me motivated throughout. I am still slow but get being able to run and being active is now my new hobby!


When I first went along to the running club I had no idea how much I would get from it. I was greeted with open arms and warm smiles, The group and run leaders have been so supportive and encouraging. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up, but found out that the club is not about running far or fast, it’s about getting out to run with others in a safe and inclusive environment. I have made life long friends and am running more now that I am a member of JustRun’



If you would like to come along and give JustRun a go, all you need to do is drop us a message to let us know that you would like to join in! We do ask that you arrive by 6.50pm on your first session so that we get the chance to say hello and find the right group for you to run with. We ask all newcomers to fill a starter form and will always make sure that you are introduced to your run leader. Each session costs £2 and there is no pressure to join up, in fact you can come for the first month before paying your joining fee, which is £30 for the first year and £15 per year thereafter*. During the winter we ask for everyone to wear Hi Vis jackets/clothing. We do some spares that we can lend out. We also sell Hi Vis accessories and tops.

If  you are wanting to sign up to our JustJog Couch to 5k group we run 3 courses a year (January, April and September). You will need to pay a nonrefundable £40 for the nine week course (this includes a finishing medal and  extra support as required). You will not need to pay weekly subs for the duration of the course.

We aim to offer sessions all year round. If for any reason we need to cancel a session, we will always let you know via email and facebook/instagram/twitter.  If weather conditions are bad we will aim to adapt sessions so that we can run safely, however, in the event of severe weather conditions we may have to cancel the run.