Kim, our March Runner of the Month

Congratulations to Kim, our Runner of the Month. Kim has been a consistent runner for the past few years. You may have spotted her out and about getting the miles in around Frenchay. Unfortunately, last year Kim took a nasty tumble and sustained an injury. However, she didn’t let that stop her. Sensibly, and with medical advice and guidance, she returned to the running club, taking it steady and building up to rejoin our 5-mile group.
Not only has Kim shown great resilience and determination, but she is also a reliable stand in Run Leader when needed. She assists with keeping an eye on others in the group which is a function all run leaders really appreciate. For being a fantastic role model and highly valued member of our club, well done and thank you Kim!


Why do we race?

Why do we race?

Participating in a race offers a range of benefits that go beyond just the physical activity itself. There are definite physical advantages that come with racing. Having a structured plan helps to keep us focused and gives us a routine to our training. This ultimately...

5 to 10 km Course Graduates

Terry and Jude report “our latest 5-10km course consisted of 2 run leaders and 5 runners, all attempting to slowly increase our distance and physical fitness. As a group we made the commitment to run together every week. We also agreed to extend the course by running...