Walk to Jog

This group is a small group which is perfect if you would just like to increase your activity levels without a lot of running. This group is about getting out into the great outdoors, having a chat and getting your heart rate up. We achieve this by walking with short intervals of jogging. You really will feel the benefits and maybe even consider the couch to 5k course. We will help you to integrate exercise into your routine  by  building up your fitness levels very gradually. this is a perfect group for those who just want to get fitter, healthier or maybe just lose weight  without any pressure.


  • I am 59 years old and have never run before, I would love to be more active and like the idea of jogging. Is this group going to be suitable for me?

    Yes we cater for all ages and have lots of women who started running in their 50s/60s/70s! This group would be perfect for you because it will give you the chance to give jogging a go and build up gently.
  • I am overweight and unfit. I  started  a couch to 5k course and did not manage to complete it because I found the longer runs too difficult would I manage in the this group?

    Our Walk to Jog group is very gentle, we build up really slowly. Some people just need to go back a bit further than the start of the couch to 5k course and build up their base fitness. If you joined this group there is no reason why you could not progress to the couch to 5k course in the future, when you feel ready.
  • How much do these sessions cost?

    Our session price is £2. If you enjoy the sessions and become a member of the club our joining fee is £25 for the first year and then £15 thereafter. You get a T shirt when you join us.
  • What if I can't keep up during the jogging intervals?

    We have a team of qualified run leaders who are experienced in keeping the group together. You do not need to worry about your pace or fitness.
  • I have a heart condition, can I still take part in this session?

    When you first come along we ask you to fill in a form. If you have a medical condition we may ask you to go back to your GP and a letter to say that it is safe for you to exercise.