5-10k training Courses

We all know that running in a group is the best way of staying motivated, so there is no better way to train for a 10k then with a group.  As well being provided with a training plan the is delivered on a weekly basis, you will also be given running tips, stretches and advice as required by experienced run leaders. Your team mates will keep you motivated with updates of how their running is going!  On completion of the course you will receive a medal for your achievement! The 6 week course is free to members, so if you would like to come and take part, come and Join us.


  • I have a medical condition, is it okay to do the course?

    As with all of the session we offer, we do require that you have clearance from your GP before starting a new activity. Please be sure that you have done this before starting one of our courses.
  • Can I take part in the 5-10k course if I have cannot run 5k

    We strongly recommend that you can run 5k before starting our 5-10k course.