Just Run

We each have our own unique story that makes us who we are. It is the same with running. Our motivations and previous experiences make us the runners that we are!   However, we all know that running in a group is hugely beneficial, so here is the challenge- how do we run with a group and hold on to our unique running pace/style??  Worry not! We separate out all abilities and have a team of experienced run leaders that keep each group together, so that you can relax and run at a pace that works for you. We tailor our sessions to you!

We all warm up together and then separate into groups. If you have not been before we make sure  that you are introduced and know who your run leader is going to be. We change our routes weekly to provide variation. Each group goes out on a different route to separate abilities as much as possible. We always make sure that there are enough run leaders in each group to offer support and ensure the group stays together.


Each session costs £2. To join up it costs a one off £30 and then a £15 yearly renewal fee. We always say to come along 3 weeks before you join. If you decide to join you will get a running T shirt (made out of recycled plastic bottles). There is no obligation to come every week either, we know how busy life can get, however we are always available to provide support if you have any personal goals or need some advice. We also have trained mental health ambassadors for the club who you can talk to if you are feeling low or anxious.

2 mile group

This group is a great start if you are new to running or just out of practice. You can build up gradually from walk/jogging to gently running. We also keep this group running on the flat.  Our Run leaders are experts in keeping the groups together and providing everybody with the support they need. We try to have two run leaders with each group where possible. 

3 mile group

This group has a nice steady pace. We always ensure that there are enough run leaders to support the group and manage any difference in pace. This is a great step up from the 2 mile group or if you have had a busy day and just want a relaxing run. We will always ensure that there are enough run leaders so that no one needs to worry about their pace.

4 mile group.

This group is great as you gain confidence and start to build up distance. Often members who run in this group are beginning to think about training for a 10k! The pace can be a bit quicker in this group, however as with all of our groups we always try to ensure that there are enough run leaders to accommodate varying paces. We also support our members who would like build up their distance but are worried that they will not keep up.

6 mile group:

The 6 mile group is perfect for building up distance/pace. For anybody is worried about pace we often put two separate 6 mile groups on so that those whose pace is slower can still build up distance.




  • I like the idea of running with the 3 mile group. Do I have to stay in this group every week?

    No you can change groups depending on how you are feeling on the night! Once you have come a few times, you will get an idea of the group that you is right for you.
  • What if I am too slow for the group?

    We will always help you find the group that is best for you. We understand that everyone has their own pace. Our run leaders are very experienced at keeping the group together, so all you need to do is enjoy your run. Our looping techniques work in a way that you will find yourself at the front and back of the group during the run.