Just Jog (Couch to 5k)

Our JustJog couch to 5k courses are a great way to start running alongside a group of  women who are also new to running. We will take you through a 9 week course building up to jogging/running very gradually.  Our JustJog Couch to 5k courses take place three times per year. January, April and September. This course is perfect for the complete beginner. We always have a great mix of ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels! Our bespoke course is an excellent way of making lifelong lifestyle changes. 

The course costs £40 and this covers the 9 weeks plus you receive a medal on completing the course. Every week that you complete you will also receive a bead to create a ‘progress charm’. We provide online support to help you with any extra runs that are required. Our courses are run by qualified run leaders plus extra helpers who have recently done the course themselves, so understand the challenge. 

“I’m not a runner”, ” I can’t run “. So why did I find myself signed up for a couch to 5k course with @justjogbristol 9 weeks ago?
Throughout the course there were many times I asked myself why. The length of time running increased week by week 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 25 minutes! & a bout of illness struck. However with the support, encouragement & belief of Jess & the other run leaders & the support & camaraderie of the others on the course I began to think it might just be possible.
Which is why, 9 weeks later, I found myself at Chipping Sodbury park run. I didn’t break any records! but I did it. I ran 5k & the sense of achievement felt amazing.
Thank you Jess & everyone at @justjogbristol perhaps, after all, “I am a runner” & “I can run”.


  • I used to run (about 10 years go!), would this course be appropriate for me?

    Yes we often get women sign up who ran a long time ago. This course is great because it will help you integrate running back into your routine. It won't take long for your body to remember how to run!
  • What if I miss a session?

    That is absolutely fine. We will email you the weeks runs so you can do it independently. Missing a week will not hold you back.
  • What if I cannot complete the course?

    If you are really struggling, we will give you extra support. Sometimes people want to take their time and want to go back and build up their base fitness before completing the course. Our walk to jog group is perfect for this.
  • I want to bring my daughter along, is this okay?

    You are welcome to bring your child along, as long as you feel that they would be able to take part in the the session. If you daughter is under 16 years old we ask that you directly supervise her. As a club we cannot take responsibility for children.