Who we are

Our team of volunteers have all completed the UKA run leaders qualification and are qualified to run lead. They are all experienced and provide our runners with the support that they need to fulfil their potential through running.

Our Run leaders will always identify themselves at the beginning of each run. They will brief the group on the route. We always ensure that any new runners are welcomed at the outset and introduced to the group.



  • Jessie

    Running has been a big part of my life for many years now. I started running when I was 19, and for a long time just enjoyed the benefits of regular running. It was only after having my three children that I started running competitively. This has given me lots of opportunities and experiences that I could have only dreamed of. Running has made me believe that anything is possible if you work hard enough! I believe that running can be a life changer, I have seen so many women transformed by incorporating regular running into their lives. Being a run leader has given me the opportunity to support these changes. Since setting up Just Run I have made so many friends in the club it has become about so much more than just running!
  • Marianne

    Hi I’m Marianne. I used to think I would never enjoy running. I was talked into trying running by a friend and before I knew it was nervously running the 2015 Saltford Santa Dash. I was so surprised to find that I loved it. I joined running club in early 2016 and a few months ago started volunteering as a run leader. I love the friendly supportive atmosphere of the group and look forward to Mondays!
  • Katie

    I started running when my second child was a year old, I was suffering from (what I now know) was hormone induced anxiety and depression. Running really helped me clear my head, have some time to myself and increase a good mood. I went from running 5k to a half marathon, over 4 years. When Jess started Frenchay Runners, 7 years ago, I had just had my third child, when she was 4 months old I joined the club. My speed increased and I spent time running with old friends and I made some great new friends. It is such a social sport, as you can run and chat. I became a run leader by default, when the 6 mile group didn’t have a leader. I love encouraging other people to run and seeing their development, although some of them have now become faster than me! It is also great for the CV.
  • Michele

    I’m Michele and have been running for most of my life to stay fit and healthy. I qualified as a run leader in 2014 and really enjoy supporting other running club members to participate.
  • Julie-Anne

    Hi, my name is Julie-Anne. If you had asked me a few years ago to go for a run, I would have said “No, I can’t run, I don’t like running!” So, when a couple of friends set up Frenchay Runners when my daughter started school I went along for the first session to show my support but didn’t hold out much hope that it would become a regular thing. That first session was tough, I’d never really ran before; I somehow made it round the 2 miles and the next day I could hardly walk! But the support and encouragement of Jess and Liz, and the rest of the group, kept me going back every week. 7 years on and I’m still there every Monday night and have been a run leader for about the past 5 years. Through the club I have made lots of friends along the way, and have conquered 5k’s. 10k’s and even a few half marathons. I’m yet to make it to a full marathon, but as I’ve learnt, “never say never!”
  • Izzy

    When Jess and Liz started the club I tentatively joined up and then became a run leader a few years later. As one of the older run leaders I have lost and found my running mojo many times, dealt with an (increasing) number of injuries and had great runs and some which are better forgotten. I have never, and will (very likely) never be a speedy runner and now enjoy a longer slower run. The highlight of my run leading was this year coming back from injury at the Bristol 10k with the inaugural 5-10k group some of whom were very new to running. A couple of runs gives me the time and space to deal with the things which crop up during the week .
  • Nina

    As a youngster I used to run cross country and track when I wasn’t playing hockey. In my 20s I cycled, mostly mountain biking and picked up a knee injury I didn’t think would allow me to return to running. Fast forward a few years to having 2 kids on bikes, I needed to run again to keep up with them!! I started by doing a couch to 5k course by myself, got lost one day and surprised myself by nearly running 6 miles! I’ve completed a few 10ks, half marathons and duathlon events, I especially enjoy off road running. I’ve been a run leader since 2014 and enjoy the welcoming and supportive group at Just Run. My injuries caught up with me, finally getting knee surgery last year. I’m now on the road to recovery, I repeated the couch to 5k in Jan 2018 and aim to run 3 or 4 mile routes this year. I particularly enjoy coming to running group to see how others progress with their running goals, everyone is hugely encouraging no matter what level of running you are at. It’s also a great way to catch up with old friends and make new ones too.
  • Maddy

    I started running after I had my second child in 2013. My GP suggested it might help me with finding some much needed calm when I was diagnosed with post natal depression and anxiety. After a lot of deliberation I started out in the 2 mile group feeling nervous and completely lacking in self belief. I got through that first run with a lot support from Jess and the lovely ladies in the group and I haven’t looked back. I found the informal and friendly approach whilst exercising at my pace gave me a safe space and then regularly running with the group played a huge part in my getting well. Running is now a part of me and I use it to stay both physically and mentally fit and well. Through the encouragement and support of the JustRun leaders I steadily increased my distance and have taken part in many events and challenges including 5ks, 10ks and half marathons. I hope to do a full marathon one day...which is something I would never have imagined could be a dream of mine! I have made some wonderful friends along the way. We all have days when we feel we can’t do it. It’s those times that running with the JustRun groups really helps get me out-whatever the weather. I qualified as a leader with JustRun in 2017. It is very rewarding to be able to support and encourage ladies to achieve their potential. I am also a Run England Mental Health Champion. This initiative was created to encourage people to use running to improve mental health and well being. I provide support to members who may be experiencing mental health problems and to potential new members who would like to get active.